The Academy

It is a Turkish non-governmental organization based in Istanbul. It has made many contracts and partnerships with universities, institutions and centers dealing with education and development programs by creating a structure of expertise through advanced rehabilitation, training and development programs and by by making people acquire leadership in society and making them capable of providing development in all sectors of the society. 


The Academy stands out with creating individuals of both sexes and young people who have qualified talents with its programs. At this point, the Academy, dealing with deterritorialized, immigrant, indigent and poor young people who have leadership and knowledge skills and psychological, personal and behavioural characteristics, starting from the  exploration stage, goes up to providing education and rehabilitation opportunities, creating knowledge, skill and behaviour structure, providing experience and even creating network by assgining the power acquired. 

On the other hand, in the field of sustainable performance and continuity skill, by investigating the actual status of institutions, the obstacles they face and their effects on creating the system and structures of institutions, drawing their plans, development of their resources, the performance evaluation of the subject of development of their management and leadership mechanisms, tries to create talents for nongovernmental organizations (NGOS).    


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As an institution, to become a pioneer and specialist experience house on the subject of developing the individuals and institutions and creating a developed education and development environment.  

General goals

1.Discovering, supporting, training qualified young leaders having positive effect and the ability to establish a team, using their energy for serving the society, providing opportunity for them to be pioneers with their experiences and to make successful attempts.

2.Making an effective contribution to the establishment and development of a strong and effective civil society sector with international partnerships and an active role in supporting the development of society.